Graphic Design

This page tells the story of our producer's history in graphic design
through the use of graphic design, web design, and photography.
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My story on graphic design














straddled the fence working on both PC and Mac

Medical Journal Layout

I actually got to work with the in-house Linotype imagesetter when I designed for this journal.


started making great first impressions

Business Card Layout

A good design always helps in making a good first impression.


which naturally led to

Logo Design

Cleanup & Redesigns

As my design skills improved, I took on more creative jobs redesigning logos like these…


and grew along with technology

Motion Graphics Design

Video Graphics

Whether it's in the video…


but understanding the technology

Presentation Slides

shown on a projector…


began with

Page Layout Design

First Layout Design Job

Not long after I taught an art director how to use PageMaker, he taught me how to do page layout design with PageMaker.


broke ranks from the columns of text

Flyer & Poster Layout

After designing multipage layouts, single page flyers and posters were a breeze.


and finally made the cover

Covers & DVD Surface Layout

Designing book covers was a natural extension from designing interior pages. And as technology evolved, I kept current.


my own designs

New Designs

…and designing new ones like this.






it's not as easy as it looks

DVD Menu

or in the menu…


reaps it's rewards.

Website Design

or on a computer —
I still design according to the rules I learned so many years ago in print.

I started learning graphic design while in college, but my major was computer science engineering. No, computer science engineering doesn't teach art. But, I did teach a number of graphic designers and art directors how to use the computer as my part time and summer jobs during college. You see, that's when the first Mac came out and when there was a company called Aldus who made a little program called PageMaker which started the desktop publishing revolution.


The teaching sessions quickly turned into work as the art directors discovered how quickly I could use the computers and the software and how well I listened to their directions. So, while they continued to learn how to use the computer, I began to learn how to do page layout and graphic design as well as coordinating print runs with major printing companies.

I also did tech support for a laser printer manufacturer that targeted the graphic design industry. No quicker way to learn how a printer works than to try and solve peoples' problems with their printer over the phone...with a smile in your voice.

I eventually landed a temp job placing type in Adobe Illustrator for slide projections. Each Illustrator file represented a slide in the presentation and was then converted and embedded into Macromedia Director, a cell based animation program. Sounds like a lot of work since Powerpoint does all that, but back then, Powerpoint just wasn't all that.


Once again, my speed at the "data entry" impressed my boss that he bought out my temp contract and hired me for the summer...and then the winter...and eventually full time. I never did finish my degree. Got distracted by Photoshop, scanning 8x10 transparencies, taking 3 dimensional scans, working on presentations and traveling to Hawaii, Colorado, New York and elsewhere for Taco Bell, Paramount, UPN, Skechers and more. Oh yeah, a 5 figure salary that was better than a beginning engineer's salary helped, too. Come on, I was a wide eyed college kid!

I played around with website design for over decade and as web technology improved and became more standardized I designed more and more websites.

My story continues on in photography

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