This page tells the story of our producer's history in photography through the use of graphic design, web design and photography.
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My story on photography



First one…

I was a tourist and surprised myself. (Minolta Maxxum 9000 35mm SLR)

then another…

My first "action" shot
(Minolta Maxxum 9000 35mm SLR)

One of the art directors
whom I "taught" how to use the computer found out that I was interested in photography and offered to look at my work. Prior to our working together, he was the art director for a magazine for 10 years. I was shocked that he would even consider looking at what I did for a hobby. Needless to say,
my photographic eye vastly improved with his help.


… and then I got published

Sports Illustrated Issue June 8, 1992, p.91
ESPN's Sportscenter Ad
(Mamiya 645 Super - 120mm)

and some more…

Medium format photography had real "punch" over 35mm film.


A year later, one of my photos was published in Sports Illustrated (ok it was just
an ESPN ad, but it was still
in the magazine) and I was offered to start shooting in the blimp for football games. It helped that I was the only photographer shooting beach volleyball with a medium format camera.

But no, instead of pursuing a career in still photography, I got distracted by motion photography. So, I sold my medium format camera and lucky for me I sold it at the right time (I nearly got back what I paid for it). A year or so later, the film market crashed. $2000+ medium format cameras were being dumped for just a couple of hundred dollars. What happened? Digital photography.


First digital SLR

Lincoln Memorial
(Canon EOS Digital Rebel)

The digital age

Blue Angels Diamond Formation
(Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi DSLR)

While I played around
with video after selling my medium format camera, digital photography improved and improved. After 10 years or so,
I finally decided to see what all the hubbub was about with digital photography. I started with the cheapest, of course, because I am still a computer geek at heart and trained in the ways of the PC market and it's pricing cycle. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the photo a digital point and shoot camera took. I couldn't "blow it up" as large as I could with film prints, but I only paid $100 for the camera. So, I started looking at the pricier digital cameras. Eventually, I ended up at the $800 cameras, but I still wasn't happy with them because they were frustrating slower in the autofocus speed than the SLR film cameras I used a decade before. It was so slow that it was actually slower than focusing by hand, and since these were point and shoots, focusing by hand is not an option.

Almost like Medium Format

On set with Beach Boys Tribute Band - Catch a Wave
(Canon 5D Mk II)

But as luck would have it, Canon releases the first digital SLR, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel. When I held that in my hands and started taking pictures, I was finally convinced that digital photography had come of age. All of the techniques I learned under the watchful eye of the art director came back quickly and I began creating a new
portfolio of my work using only digital photos. I still have my Digital Rebel,
but now I shoot primarily with the Canon 5D Mk II.

Visit my photography workshops page to see
more of my work or to learn more
about photography.


Digital Portfolio

Stills for actress - Russia Hardy
(Canon 5D Mk II)


My story continues
on in video production.

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