Video Production

This page tells the story of our producer's history in video production through the use of graphic design, web design, photography and video production.
Notice that while each of the three pages tell a different story, they carry the same thematic design throughout.

My story on digital film and video


A/V Gearhead

16 channel audio mixer by Mackie - my brand of choice for many a project and installations.

I've been interested in A/V since junior high. That was when I learned to operate a Tascam 16 channel mixer with an 8 track 1" reel to reel tape deck. A couple of years later, I got to operate a JVC broadcast video camera. A few more years later, a Panasonic 8 channel video switcher. And not too long later I was setting up projection screens and video walls. By the time I graduated high school, I designed my first PA system for a 1500 seat hall and custom made my own XLR mic cables using gold pin Neutrik connectors and Star Quad Canare cables. I also recorded instrumentalists, vocal ensembles and choirs.

A/V Installation

Designed and installed A/V systems, PA systems and camera setups.

I got my first professional experience with SD broadcast gear working on the slide presentations for Taco Bell, Paramount, UPN and Skechers. It began with providing the "graphics" feed into the video switcher with our computers. It expanded into providing 3 screen wide presentations projected by 3 projectors (1 per computer screen feed) onto a custom made single wide screen. It grew into capturing SD broadcast video onto our computers. Understand Betacam decks were still expensive at this time. And it grew further into creating TV trees and video walkways using Adobe After Effects.

Westlake Studios

Taking photos of my friend recording at the same studio that Michael Jackson recorded his albums.

Not long after that I designed and built my first post-production suite along with consulting on the design of three audio booths and one sound stage. A couple of months later, Apple released the revolutionary video editing app called Final Cut Pro. I have been using it ever since. I developed a workflow using Final Cut Pro and miniDV tapes and trained the staff with it to create monthly video magazines.


Westlake was quite a treat for my inner high school kid A/V gearhead. Look ma! A million dollar mixer - can I keep it?

Since then, I have designed another post production suite and a few more PA systems. Now armed with my Canon 5D Mk II, I am focusing my sights on new territory - digital film.

But even as I pursue this new endeavor, I am reminded how much of my past experiences have led me to this point and how much my previous training and experiences still apply. Terms like "rule of thirds," color space, dots per inch apply to all three areas - graphic design, photography, and video. While the technology and the mediums are different, the essence of storytelling is the same.

And when all three are combined to a single story, the experience is enveloping.

Worldwide production

I've logged countless miles and hours traveling around the world, filming people, places and things.

It is easy to see this with products like those from Nike. You see the TV ad for the shoe. You may see it on their website and read more about it and study all it's photos, but you definitely try it on when you see it on display with it's corresponding POP display at your favorite shoe store.

Movies are like this, too. After the film is made or even during, TV ads, the movie website, and theater posters are published.

And full blown presentations whether they're on-stage or on the tradeshow floor, you see a cohesive story told through looping videos, banners, posters, flyers and websites.

These are but a few examples of projects that we do. If you have a project that needs a story told in print, online, and in video, please do tell.

We will even produce your film from scratch.

My name is Haniel Hann and this is my film & video production, still photography, and graphic design company.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Video Production